Note: This is a non-canon story entry
The day had finally arrived, the glorious Daymar Rally was imminent. The Talons racer teams were all prepped and ready for the long race ahead. We would be fielding three teams, first team was full of Cyclones, second team was Ursa Rovers, and the third team Dragonflies and Nox’s. A full array of support staff was present with a mix ragtag band of Vulcans, Constellations, and Freelancers, with the odd Cutlass. Years of practice and preparations with all the plans laid out to make sure the Talons ran as a well oiled and engineered team.

Shubin mining would be the start of the race, and everywhere you looked all sorts of racing teams could be seen doing their own pre-race checks. Next checkpoint would be Eagar Flats Emergency Shelter, and once a team had arrived at that location, all weapons are live. Checkpoint three would be the massive Reclaimer call sign “The Betty” where one team member would depart and retrieve a special item that would need to be turned in at the end of the race in order to qualify as actually finishing the race. The final checkpoint with the checkered flag would be Wolf Point Emergency Shelter.


My personal view of this day however would be as part of the biker team on my Nox Kue. Oh she was a beautiful thing to behold on this day. I however cannot claim victory but I do have the pleasure of announcing one of our very own as winner in the bike class. I will save that for the end. All the participants lined up facing Eagar Flats, and the race sounded off as the officials used chaffs and flairs to signal the start of the race. Dust clouds kicked off as all the vehicles flew forward at full acceleration. Finally all the years of anticipation came to an end, and the thrill of speed took over. The bikes left the other vehicles in the dust and it was a swarm of Dragonflies and Nox’s weaving in and out dogging the rocks that were plenty on the planet of Daymar. One such individual clipped another bike and went full speed into a rock, the explosion shook the other contestants and reminded them of the risks. This was a death race and some would pay the ultimate price. Hours went by and eventually the bikes made it to Eagar Flats Emergency Shelter, and I jumped off my bike and ran to the station to check in with the racing official. Then back to my Nox, hopped on and took off, weapons were now live and I had no intention of someone being right on my back. I saw a team member Alexandra “Blackjayne” Sinclair had also made it out of the shelter and we were both side by side.

We gave each other a nod and gunned it to the next check point.. I radioed in that my fuel would be bingo in another half hour and our Vulcan responded. We would meet up and quickly refuel both bikes using the drones. As long as we went at a steady pace they could refill us without having to actually come to a complete stop. On to the Betty, with a full tank of gas we were ready for the next stage of the race. Several more hours of grueling terrain and split-second decisions eventually the outline of a Reclaimer could be made out. Alexandra made it there first but I wasn’t far behind. Shots rang out and my shield deflected the first volley and I maneuvered to miss the next. Radioing Lexi I told her to get to the Reclaimer and that I would hold off the attacking Dragonfly. Racing in and out, dodging rocks and laser fire, my opponent was skilled but I was better, I pulled a hard maneuver and got behind his bike and he took several shots straight to his engines disabling them. Racing now to the Reclaimer I grabbed my item from “The Betty” and ran out and hopped on my bike. Wolf Point was now the next and final checkpoint. One final refuel from the Vulcan and a quick fill of oxygen I was ready for the last leg of the race. Racing at top speed I passed the finish line, second place and it honors me to say that Alexandra “Blackjayne” Sinclair was the winner of the bike category putting up the fastest time, even faster then any of our previous practice sessions. Other honorable mentions for the other categories were Rushell “Huntress” Visanti who placed first in her Cyclone. Badly damaged and actually missing an entire front tire, Huntress drove/dragged her Cyclone past the finish line.

This would forever cement the name of the Talons in Star Citizen Lore as the day the stars aligned and that Lady Luck had been on the side of the Talons. If you ever visit us at Indra 1a and come to our humble abode you will be able to see the Daymar Rally 2949 Trophy with the names of several Talons etched in the gold plaque. This however is only the beginning, boundless adventures await and the infinite of space is open to us and we will make it our playground.

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.
Walter Elliot

~~By Damion “Sandman” Mercer