Noa sat stoned face, his arms crossed as his gaze locked on a plethora of bouquets and flowers. the arrangements of florals, wreaths, and ribbons were meant to ease the pain that resonated in his chest, a human ritual practiced for the better half of the last few centuries. A voice could be heard indistinctly in the large hall where many, at least more than he had anticipated gathered. He had not been paying much attention to what was being said, his thoughts drifted to another time, a simpler time and for a moment he managed a slight smile. It was then that he snapped out of his personal trance as a clamor of light clapping filled the room and a large banner rolled from high above the fallen soldiers shrine, draping from the ceiling of the great hall and stretching nearly to the floor. his eyes squinted for a moment but not because he had trouble seeing. After the banner had been fully exposed and the light applause came to an end he focused on the flag and the red and black emblem at its center.

“Nomoa, was more than a friend and trusted wingman, he was our brother and a Talon!” were the words he now made out as the light clapping escalated to a thundering roar, his jaws clenched in frustration as he stared at the black silhouette of a dragon inside a red circle “Lotta good that did him…” he thought, as he once again found himself drifting into thought, the same emblem was worn proudly on his younger brothers chest as he reminisced on one of their last encounters….

“Talon ehh?” Noa said to his much younger brother “So your a bird for the UEE now?” continuing with his sarcastic tone. Nomoa slapped his big brother’s hand away at the patch on his flight suit. “Its a dragons talon asshole!” he and his brother were close but unlike the elder cynical broken man that Noa was, the youthful Nomoa was far more optimistic “And we operate outside UEE space” his large smile turned a bit serious for a moment “You should Join us, Noa, do some good outside the protection of the Empire”. Noa smirked “Hey i do good outside the empire!” the young brother and talon laughed out loud “I would hardly call selling whatever artifacts you manage to get your grimy hands on to the nearest Banu merchant, good for anyone other than yourself. but seriously Noa” the young Talon said in a more sincere voice “Huntress…err i mean Captain Visanti is the real deal, bro!” his excitement again starting to build “She believes This dragon” he said with a hand at his chest emblem “is a symbol of our community, every proud Talon as well as the universe itself and all the adventure and possibility within” Young Nomoa was indeed invested in the Talons that had taken him in “Apparently she’s a huge fan of 20th century Cinema and the ancient stories of King Arthur” Noa chuckled but was glad his kid brother had found something, or some people rather that he could respond too “I’m glad your happy kid” Noa said with a genuine smile “But you know how I am, there’s no way I’m taking orders from a bunch of anti pirates” Nomoa immediately cut his brother off “Look, Noa,, we aren’t “anti pirates” or “pirates” The Talons are a haven for people that want to operate outside of the UEE without the restrictions and limitations of the empire” with a short pause he looked his older brother in the eyes “Think about it…it would be great to fly side by side with my big brother…” the memory faded as his attentions were snapped back by a name “The Great Wyrm, The Huntress, captain Rushell Visanti” was all he heard as he was pulled out of his memory by the Captains introduction. As she spoke it was as if she was in slow motion and inaudible, Noa’s eyes focused on her face as she delivered a few words that he paid little attention too, more so he was honed in on her features and face “Hmmph she’s cute..” he thought to himself. it was easy for people to spit kind words but Noa firmly believed the intentions of folks could be seen in the eyes and in their body language, he took in a deep breath and let out a sigh. Noa knew that his kid brother had found meaning in the Talons, and the sincerity of the captain was easily conveyed in both her eyes and tone. after more kind words in honor of his kid brother the ceremony had come to a close and Noa had made a decision he wasn’t completely sure of, straightening his composure he made an approach to the captain of the talons “excuse me Captain” he said in order to get her attention, he cleared the slight swelling in his throat as he extended a hand “My name is Noa, Nomoa was my kid brother” he had to hold back a bit as he started to feel himself choke up “I was wondering if you might have a position available for an old timer……” There was no telling where his decision would take him or who he had placed his life into the hands of, but Noa was destined to learn more about the Universe and her Talons.

~~ By Noa “Aguguat” Chehtun