Virgil system
Virgil I, Unknown production facility
Year 2943

“How long is this going to take?” The young man was pacing back and forth in a large office. The lights were starting to flicker softly, and the rumbling of explosions outside intensified. “Our window is closing fast, can we get this show on the road or not? And this person you have this all planned for, are you sure she’ll live up to the expectations?”
The older woman sat quietly behind her desk, looking at the information in her screens. “Of course she will, but I cannot stress enough that we must not fail in this”. Her voice stern and committed. “Of course not”, “That’s why I’m here” The young man smirked and stared through a large pane of glass down into the hangar below. “I have to say, she is quite beautiful”. “It’s going to be interesting seeing her take to the skies” His eyes filled with the flicker of a dancing fire.
“Alright” Said the older woman. “It’s time”
The young man approached her, and a short but warm embrace followed. “I won’t let you down” He said. “I know” She responded “Now go, there isn’t much time” The young man looked her in the eyes, and turned around walking towards the door.
Moments later, he was firmly in the seat of his Super Hornet. He opened the comm channel. “Alright guys, this is the moment we’ve been working towards, let’s get this done.”
The roar of the hangar door opening above drove out any doubt, on the other side, a large vanduul raiding fleet was wreaking havoc on the devastated planet in search for them.
The squadron of Super Hornets lifted off one by one, living up to their name with their formation, as if a hive emptied out. Immediately they were beset by Vanduul fighters, simultaneous to them taking off from the Kingship dominating the sky.
“It seems they do not like us being here” The young man said over the comm. “Let’s give them a reason to regret their fervor. “
But the Vanduul fighting force was overwhelming, and despite their clearly superior skills, the Hornet force was slowly dwindling. Soon, only a few were left, struggling to survive in the onslaught.
The older woman suddenly opened the comm channel to the remaining pilots. “Men, everything is ready. This is the day and time we have worked so hard towards. Thank you, for your dedication, perseverance, and most of all, thank all of the lives given for this moment. It has been an honor, and we can go, assured, that the future will be brighter by our actions.”
The young man then opened a personal comm with her. “Do it” He said.
The woman slowly counted down, ending with a simple sentence. “Good luck, son. You hold our dreams in your hands, the future has been set in motion”
Within a moment, a flurry of missiles launched from the surface. They soared into the sky, and simultaneously detonated. But instead of the destruction you would normally expect, the entire sky suddenly filled with a pink obscuring gas. Visibility became zero, and the sound of fighters became chaotic. Clearly a lot of them were crashing, having lost any and all sense of direction other than what gravity provided. All of the remaining hornets also detonated, the pilots giving their lives for this massive orchestrated event, except the one containing the young man.
Then there was a roaring, unbelievable loud sound, as if a fleet of ships was taking off all at the same time.
The young man had by this moment punched in preset coordinates into his flight computer. Slowly his Hornet flew through the smoke, only to stop mid air. The thundering sound was closing in, and within seconds, a massive hull slowly passed by upwards. The Hornet obeying the flight path nudged forward, and through the smoke neatly entered the open hangar as it rose up, aligning itself with the movement upwards perfectly, just as planned.
The entire situation was a big confusing mess. The Vanduul were in utter disarray as the young man walked up to the bridge of the vessel he had just entered. Everything seemed to be pre-programmed, as the Endeavor ship pulled up above the pink swirling clouds. The massive lift engines detached and fell back to the planet, and far down you could hear the explosion, of what was the facility it had secretly been conceived at. It was no more.
The young man entered the bridge, and looked down planet side. “Maybe,” He smirked. “I should call myself Mr. Pink…”
He sighed as he sat down in the captain’s chair.
“Let’s get this future rolling.”
The vessel, by now, had aligned itself…and jumped away to its unknown destination.
Year 2944
*Unidentified transmission to Vanduul raiding party, with information of a target*


~~By Mr. Pink