All members are required to go through Docking Collar Orientation. There we learn about the organization and history of The Talons. Before this can be considered complete we are encouraged to watch the following Spectrum Recording.

In this transmission, the Talons can see some of the many things we may face out in the ‘Verse. Although the Talons never go looking for trouble, we sometimes come across it.
No one in the Talons knows this better than our leader,┬áRushell. What was supposed to be a simple passenger pickup turned into more of a rescue. As time was of the essence to get to Alexandra in the town of Sherman, Rushell placed herself in extreme danger, risking her life and almost tearing her ship apart. With the use of her turrets, her Dragonfly, and a nearby asteroid field the two were able to make their daring escape. It was due to this that Rushell coined the phrase “Pulling a Sherman”.
All Talons are aware of this term and do not take the phrase lightly. None have had to use this maneuver as of yet, but are willing if necessary.

~~ By Natalia “Nat-Brat” Volkova