Time line – approximately two years prior to the death of Fanya


Alfred sat in his personal hanger. Studying the husk of a ship that sat before him. “It’s gunna take a lot of work to get you flying lass, but it will all be worth it” he mused to himself as he looked upon the stripped and damaged hull of one of the original 100 retaliators from the UEE fleet. Recently purchased with the bonus from his Division officer promotion. His glasses lighting up with a message alert from W4rb0t. “Hmmmm been a while since the big guy sent a message” he said to himself as he opened the portal communication.  It read:


Vice Commodore Alfred
Nemesis squad picked up on a bit of information i thought i would personally send your way. Your former employers discretions are starting to surface with multiple bounties being placed upon them. None however have been placed upon you as of yet however i would be vigilant, we both know how they enjoy manipulating evidence and emotions. They may use you as a scapegoat.
The Chairman,
“Oh boy” he whistled to himself “Katlyn dear” he called to the new AI he was working on hoping she haddend bugged out. “Yes commander” she replied in a monotone and plain voice. “Please download and compress the database to my suit, we may need it as evidence to clear my name should a bounty hunter go after my head.”
The library was Alfred’s longest running document. It started simply as a way to track the activities of his former organization, a criminal organization lead by a crazed egotistical maniac with the need to kill anyone who didn’t agree with him, often resorting to cheap tactics to do so. After alfred discovered that he had been killing innocent people he vowed never to let it happen again. Abandoning the org in the middle of the night, he hid himself in the one place he would be safe for the time being: with the people he had been payed to hunt meer days ago. As it turned out he wasn’t the first to have worked for this “militia” only to realize how manipulated he had been. Welcomed with open arms he began his personal database, a document that would eventually earn him the nickname “the librarian”. It was a document that contained the details, credentials, criminal records, and locations of every member of his former organization. This would further be expanded and programed to self update and expand, the purpose of which was top ensure that never again would he kill an innocent man. The very first entry… was his own.
“Data transfer complete comman-” kaitlyn was cut off as the complexes power was cut. “Fuck” Alfred said to himself quickly equipping his helmet and flipping out his butterfly knife. “Good at least the whole database transferred”  spinning around and darting towards the hall to his secondary hanger he ground to a halt as the door opened revealing the silhouette of a woman… with a rather large hand cannon pointed directly between his eyes. “Y-you wouldn’t happen to be the electrician would you?” Alfred stammered the first time he wasn’t fully prepared to die. “Not a chance love” said the figure in an oddly cheery voice. “You got a bounty on your head for quite the sum” stated the figure slowly driving alfred back into the darkened hanger. “There’s one thing that stands out however, after may second of last year the crimes you are accused of don’t match up.”  Alfred’s mind raced. May second was the night he abandoned his “post” his employer was fabricating more crimes against him! “Ive be framed” he blurted “but only partly” he felt obligated to admit his past. “Partly framed you say” her firearm dropping slightly before snapping back up again “then talk quickly the bounty said dead or alive” speaking quickly he began the story he had told only twice before.
“I used to be employed by the Alliance, the organization that’s now become less than favorable. Under their orders i killed many who i thought were pirates and criminals. I did it with glee, the thought of being the good guy drove me to hunt them… until i found out who i was really working for. On may second the day my ‘crimes’ began to become erratic, i had abandoned the org. I hid my past as i was ashamed of it.” alfred continued trembling for the first time in nearly 2 years feeling like his sins were laid bare. This was his judgment day. Whether he was to live or die, remained to be seen. “ i have been working to uncover the evil of that organization. I’m the reason they are being hunted, so i only assume they have fabricated claims against me to kill me off as the head into hiding. And i would be more than willing to share my personal database to assist in getting you filthy rich hunting them. I may have been one of their pawns but now i’m going to atone for what i did” as he said this his mobiglass opened flipping through each of the entries on the org and its command chain.  The woman lowered her firearm slowly “you really aren’t the criminal the reports make you out to be, are you” looking up alfred replied “not by choice” holstering her firearm the woman nodded curtly “i believe you and can help you, however….” she faded off “what” Alfred responded slightly worried “you need to help me in return. Ill hack the network and clear your name but you need to help me find the real baddies with that little library of yours.” swallowing thickly “library?” he responded “yeah that database on those people” removing her helmet to reveal long brown hair “names fanya laRae, and before you say it i obviously already know yours. So what ya say alfie the librarian you gonna help me or are you gonna be hiding for the rest of your life?” chuckling dryly alfred responded “i quite like living happily so tell me what ya need and you got it” pushing a button on her wrist the complexes lights turned back on. “Good” said the bounty hunter “we’ve got a lot of work to do” Muttering to himself “if warbot hears that nickname i won’t hear the end of it.”


~~Alfie, the Libraian