Identity: Rushell Visanti

Spectrum ID: The_Red_Huntress

UEE Dossier: The Red Huntress

D.O.B.: 03/18/2922

P.O.B.: Earth, the old state of Maine of the North American Continent

Gender: Female

Role in the Talon’s Outer Haven: Founder, Leader, and Crest of the Talons. A.K.A. The Great Wyrm

Information of Interest: Rushell Visanti seems to have either amassed or come upon a great amount of wealth. The Red Huntress boasts quite a fleet, mostly kept in mothballs and dry docks, as she slowly grows her small band of “Talons” over time. she’s also known to transmit over the spectrum her lone voice in the ‘verse, keeping whoever is listening regaled with topics of daring, the importance of resistance and dissent as well as rumors whispered through the jump points. She is somewhat of a nomad, as a child who left earth, moved to Terra and kept moving further and further from the reaches of UEE space, eventually and, at least, currently, settling on the world of Indra 1A, deep in Xi’an space… on the edge of the frontier.  she currently scouts for more potentials for her somewhat obscure and enigmatic organization of philanthropists, wanderers, explorers, profiteers, and privateers.

Identity: Kassandra Rayn

Callsign: Viper

Nickname: Hexa

Main Ship: Vanguard Sentinel

Spectrum ID: volgend

UEE Dossier: Volgend

Age: 24

Place of Birth: The Den

Place of Residence: Arccorp Area 17

Affiliation: Talon’s Outer Haven

Previous Affiliation: Cerberus Syndicate

Gender: Female

Relatives: Francesco Rayn

Appearance: 5’6” – Tattoo on her left leg, Typically in Light Armor, typically carries Behring’s P4-CQB

Hair: Black and blue/shoulder’s height

Skin: White

Eyes: Green


Role in the Talon’s Outer Haven: Mercenary Talon, Specialization: Hacker

Information of Interest: Daughter of the mercenary Francesco Rayn, Kassandra grew up on the Cerberus Syndicate carrier. Struggling with authority since her youngest age, she spent a high amount of her time in various brigs. Her morality clashing with those of the mercenaries on the ship, she caused a high amount of trouble as she always went to do what she felt was right, even if it meant a mission would fail or a credit loss would be registered. Her skills and her father’s reputation kept her from being spaced out the airlock many times. It sadly caught up with her as she was part of her father’s squadron. He was shot down and she was flagged as a traitor along with her squadmate. After both fleeing to Levski and working as freelancers, she got in contact with Talon’s Outer Haven where she started to work for.

Identity: Kyle Senreiko

Callsign: Fox

Nickname: Patriotic Fox

Main Ship: Vanguard Warden

Spectrum ID: volgend

UEE Dossier: Volgend

Age: 32

Place of Birth: Terra

Place of Residence: Arccorp Area 17

Affiliation: Talon’s Outer Haven

Previous Affiliation: Cerberus Syndicate

Gender: Male

Relatives: Neobey Senreiko

Appearance: 6’2” – Tattoo on both arms – has a beard,  Typically in Medium Armor, typically Devastator-12 Energy Shotgun

Hair: Dark Brown/short

Skin: White

Eyes: Brown

Role in the Talon’s Outer Haven: Mercenary Talon, Specialization: Mechanic

Information of Interest: Despite being born on Terra, Kyle and his sister grew up alone and stuck with criminal organizations most of their life as it was the only way to make sure they had something to eat and a roof to spend the night. As they became older, they both became good pilots and very proficient with firearms. He was hired into his sister’s squad to do assist them during ground operations. Since the split with the Cerberus Syndicate, Kyle worked as a freelancer until he ran into Talon’s Outer Haven.

// incoming_transmission….

//boot sequence complete…

:mobiglass_docview <online>

//receiving… Dossier_Raynor_James

<transmission recieved>

Identity: Raynor, James

Callsign: Blackout

Known Nickname: Jim, Don

Main Ship: Vanguard Warden

Spectrum ID: alternate_don

UEE Dossier: DonRaynor

D.O.B.: 9/4/2892

Place of Birth: Archangel Station, Synthworld, Chronos III

Place of Residence: Unknown

Affiliation: <Restricted>

Previous Affiliation: UEE Military Intelligence Bureau

Gender: Male

Relatives: <Restricted>

Appearance: 6’0” has a beard,  Typically in Achilles armor, Personal Weapons typically include: LR-620, P4SC

Hair: Black (greying)

Skin: Caucasian

Eyes: Brown


Role in the Talon’s Outer Haven: Electronic Warfare, Combat Medic

Information of Interest: Most of the information on James’ background is redacted from official sources. Tracing, his past, from Archangel station, he enlisted to UEE Marines at the age of 16, was ordered on Officer course and vanished after His first year ín the Cadet Academy. Other notes point at an old intelligence officer who joined the 999th Test Squadron. This Intelligence officer was named Blackout for his work with Experimental Sabre prototype. 36 Years after vanishing a Marine Colonel Raynor is discharged with Military honors, but without any accurate mentions where he has shown his excellency. Jim attempted to spend his waning years as freelance Militia trainer, his plans, unfortunately, were cut short when an assortment of Banu Slavers assaulted the outpost he was living in. His newfound slavery didn’t last much, as an unknown benefactor bought James’ freedom.