UEE Dossier: Blackjayne

Aliases and Nicknames: Alyx, Lex, Jayne, Blackjayne

DOB:12/22/2930 (age 27)

Place of Birth: London, Earth

Role: Wyrm. Second-in-command, Crest, Logistics and day-to-day ops

Background: Alexandra was the daughter of the diplomat Ronald Sinclair, assigned to the Ark as a gesture of good faith on the part of the UEE that never quite panned out. Though Ronald’s posting wasn’t ideal, he did make the most of his diplomatic connections. Even though the Ark wasn’t the nexus the UEE had envisioned, it was still a very major crossroads between cultures. It was in this environment that Alexandra grew up and flourished, learning customs and languages wherever she could and about the cultures and peoples from hundreds of worlds, even going so far as to make short trips into Xi’an space as a guest of the diplomatic corp. It was during this time that tentative connections were made between Rushell Visanti and Alexandra.
All that changed with the death of Sir Ronald and the subsequent disappearance of Alexandra off of any sort of official grid. She has since resurfaced in the Talons organization as the second-in-command of ‘Huntress’ Rushell and made her home with the small band of outsiders.