Identity: Aurora Thaiss

Spectrum ID: Snow-Angel

UEE Dossier: Snow-Angel

D.O.B.: 11/01/2934

P.O.B.: Area 18, ArcCorp

Gender: Female

Role in the Talon’s Outer Haven: Fighter & Transport Pilot, Occasional hit girl.

Information of Interest:

On the surface, Aurora is quiet and somewhat anti-social, easily misunderstood as cold and distant, but is actually very sweet and kind once getting to know her. She is a skilled pilot of all manner of spacecraft. Balanced with a rigorous workout regime, she has a great love of desserts in copious amounts, as it helps quell the emotionally painful echoes of her traumatic past

Aurora Thraiss was the only child of ArcCorp socialites trying desperately to scrape their way up through the upper echelons of society. When Aurora outgrew her usefulness as a fashionable accessory, from an adorable toddler into a teenager prone to emotional outbursts, her parents kept her heavily sedated and isolated. 

Her life changed during a family trip to New Babbage on Microtech, when the cruise ship they were on was illegally boarded by Rushell “The Red Huntress” Visanti; a mercenary who was carrying out a hit order against a criminal posing as a member of the crew. At the time of the incident, Visanti’s identity and mission was unknown. Contrary to official reports, Visanti had prevented young Aurora from being kidnapped and held as ransom by the target. After Visanti escaped, Aurora’s testimony in her favor was dismissed as hysteria, and Visanti became a suspect in the murder of a crewman and aggrivated assault against Aurora. 

After the incident, Aurora was taken under the wing of “child therapist” Mirnea Nefiah, who was, in actuality, a former UEE psychological warfare operative at the center of a secret criminal shadow network. Mirnea eventually became the legal guardian of Aurora after arranging the assassination of her parents. Mirnea’s chief rival, and target of her irrational hatred, was her own sister, none other than Rushell Visanti. Through cryogenic virtual reality brainwashing, she conditioned Aurora to become a lethal assassin, to infiltrate Rushell Visanti’s organization of mercenaries, The Talons, to seduce Rushell and make her fall in love with her, and then betray her and execute her. But not before Rushell was made aware that it was Mirnea twisting the knife. 

All went according to plan, and Rushell found Aurora in hibernation in the since abandoned facility on Microtech. The two struck up a quick friendship on the foundation of their bond all those years ago. After instantiating herself into the ranks of the Talons as a skilled pilot, the two became lovers. At the moment Rush confessed her love to Aurora, Aurora was triggered and made her move, rendering Rush helpless and prone, and relaying the hateful spiteful message Mirnea made her memorize. However, against deep psychological conditioning, Aurora fought her impulses to deliver the final blow. Distraught over the harm she had caused to the woman she had genuinely loved, Aurora attempted to flee but Rush, grabbing Aurora’s Yubarev pistol from her hip, shot her in the back. Whether it was out of rage or out of love or both, not even Rush could answer, but had the weapon been aimed a little more carefully, Aurora would have ended up dead rather than unconscious and twitching on the ground. 

It took over the course of a year, with several months in the brig and careful interrogation, examination, and rehabilitation of Aurora, to fully grasp what she had been through. It became apparent that what Aurora felt for Rush was genuine, despite the insidious circumstance. 

Aurora now willingly wears a prison collar, which can knock her unconscious at the touch of a button, that Rush carries on her person at all times. In the meantime, Aurora works hard to repair the damage to her relationship with Rush and the rest of the Talons, earning her keep, and struggling with the echoes of Mirnea Nefia in her mind. One day, together, Rush and Aurora will find her and stop her for good.