Identity: Damion “Sandman” Mercer

Spectrum ID: S4ndman

UEE Dossier: S4ndman

D.O.B.: 05/31/2918

P.O.B.: Earth, Canada, British Columbia

Gender: Male

Information of Interest: Served in the UEE in the final years of the exploration push. Although born into a wealthy family, Damion felt it was his duty to enlist. His family name and stature granted him officer rank early in his military career and he used that to be promoted as Captain of the UEE Valhalla, a UEE Carrack class pathfinding ship. His achievements thereafter are mostly classified but they were numerous enough that when the UEE finally declassified the Carrack, Damion used his influence to purchase the retired vessel from the UEE. The dark void is Damion’s calling and he has the skills as a pilot and the background of years living far away from anything resembling civilization and surviving. Retired UEE Captain, turned entrepreneur, he now using his accumulated fleet to fund his operations to traverse deep into the verse in order to discover new jump points and undiscovered planets.