Identity: Jacen Terek

Spectrum ID: Jacen_Terek

UEE Dossier: Jacen_Terek

D.O.B.: 04/09/2924

P.O.B.: Goss 1

Gender: Male


  • Height: 6’2″

  • Eyes: Blue

  • Hair: Dark Blond

  • Wears his hair usually short and unkempt.

  • Wears rugged outdoor clothing or rugged, utilitarian flight suit

Information of Interest: Jacen Terek comes from a long line of farmers hailing from Goss 1. Being connected to the land and carrying on the family tradition was always expected and assumed of him. It is what the Terek’s have done for generations. Deciding to leave the farm to his younger brother and set out among the stars was a very unpopular decision, but he had to see the universe. With nothing but the clothes on his back, he hitched a ride to the nearest star port. Willing to take any job that would take him to a new star or planet, his discovery of the universe began. His eagerness for any new place or experience combines poorly with his innate lack of street-smarts. He has had several minor run-ins with the law and has been cheated, robbed, or taken advantage of more times than he’d care to admit. Going it alone gets old, and if he can find some good people to fly with, he’ll certainly jump at the chance.