Identity: Kassandra Rayn

Callsign: Viper

Nickname: Hexa

Main Ship: Vanguard Sentinel

Spectrum ID: volgend

UEE Dossier: Volgend

Age: 24

Place of Birth: The Den

Place of Residence: Arccorp Area 17

Affiliation: Talon’s Outer Haven

Previous Affiliation: Cerberus Syndicate

Gender: Female

Relatives: Francesco Rayn

Appearance: 5’6” – Tattoo on her left leg, Typically in Light Armor, typically carries Behring’s P4-CQB

Hair: Black and blue/shoulder’s height

Skin: White

Eyes: Green


Role in the Talon’s Outer Haven: Mercenary Talon, Specialization: Hacker

Information of Interest: Daughter of the mercenary Francesco Rayn, Kassandra grew up on the Cerberus Syndicate carrier. Struggling with authority since her youngest age, she spent a high amount of her time in various brigs. Her morality clashing with those of the mercenaries on the ship, she caused a high amount of trouble as she always went to do what she felt was right, even if it meant a mission would fail or a credit loss would be registered. Her skills and her father’s reputation kept her from being spaced out the airlock many times. It sadly caught up with her as she was part of her father’s squadron. He was shot down and she was flagged as a traitor along with her squadmate. After both fleeing to Levski and working as freelancers, she got in contact with Talon’s Outer Haven where she started to work for.