Identity: Lukas Thelmar

Spectrum ID: kazo_king

UEE Dossier: kazo_king

D.O.B.: 10/7/2927

P.O.B.: Cestulus, Small trading city called Yetmir

Gender: Male

Role in the Talon’s Outer Haven: Talon

Information of Interest: Born into a middle-class family of traders on Davien II, Lukas is believed to have enjoyed a simple childhood, playing with friends and attending a local school. At the age of 8 his family hit a bad quarter and he had to drop out of school to help his parents complete deliveries. While the cause of this sudden shift is unknown, it is thought that his father had gambling issues and lost a large sum of the family wealth. About a year later, on a routine trip to the Olisar Station delivering quantum fuel, their ship was attacked by a group of pirates, killing his mother instantly. His father survived the assault but was killed by the boarding party. Lukas himself was abducted and tortured for information on how to access the funds stored on the family account but as he didn’t know anything, he could tell them nothing. The only physical mark the ordeal left on him was a scar down the right-hand side of his arm in the shape of a ‘G’, the Pirates’ logo, but the psychological damage nearly destroyed him. Realising he knew nothing, the Pirates dropped him off at Olisar and left him there, where he learned to fend for himself amongst the newcomers and traders. He learned how to hide, steal and shoot, but never killed anyone.

At the age of 18 he stole a corrupt oligarch’s Aurora MR and headed off to a planet that he had heard rumors his parents’ killers were based in. Upon arriving on Mya, a lawless planet, he located the pirate base through a mixture of polite conversation and brutal violence. In the end, the pirates came to him. While he was sitting in a bar, seven of them, four of which, by sheer luck, were the party that had killed his family, entered the location and attempted to kill him. While he had never previously killed anyone, it is believed that seeing their faces again caused something to snap and in an intense gunfight, he managed to eliminate them all. His thirst for revenge sated, meeting again with his tormentors caused the memories of all that had happened to come violently flashing back and seemingly ripped him apart. He worked as a small-time trader for some time, trying to find his bearings, but one day heard the word of a figure called Rushell Visanti who was recruiting for an organization known as the Talon’s Outer Haven. Looking for meaning, Lukas set out to find them and has since dropped off the grid.