Identity: Kyle Senreiko

Callsign: Fox

Nickname: Patriotic Fox

Main Ship: Vanguard Warden

Spectrum ID: volgend

UEE Dossier: Volgend

Age: 32

Place of Birth: Terra

Place of Residence: Arccorp Area 17

Affiliation: Talon’s Outer Haven

Previous Affiliation: Cerberus Syndicate

Gender: Male

Relatives: Neobey Senreiko

Appearance: 6’2” – Tattoo on both arms – has a beard,  Typically in Medium Armor, typically Devastator-12 Energy Shotgun

Hair: Dark Brown/short

Skin: White

Eyes: Brown

Role in the Talon’s Outer Haven: Mercenary Talon, Specialization: Mechanic

Information of Interest: Despite being born on Terra, Kyle and his sister grew up alone and stuck with criminal organizations most of their life as it was the only way to make sure they had something to eat and a roof to spend the night. As they became older, they both became good pilots and very proficient with firearms. He was hired into his sister’s squad to do assist them during ground operations. Since the split with the Cerberus Syndicate, Kyle worked as a freelancer until he ran into Talon’s Outer Haven.