Identity: Noriko Toi

Spectrum ID: Wicked-Weasel

UEE Dossier: Wicked-Weasel

D.O.B.: 12/28/2924

P.O.B.: Terra

Gender: Female

Full Bio:

Noriko Toi left her controlling parents at age 18 to run off and explore the galaxy. Her father insisted she go into politics and public service per family tradition (her great grandmother, Erin Toi, was the first Imperator of the UEE). She broke ties with her parents, losing any inheritance, and used her savings to make her way to Mentor (Rhetor IV).

Noriko studied astrophysics and literature from 2942 to 2946 at the University of Mentor (UM), a public research university. During her university years, she worked part-time at the UEE Universal Seed Vaults and volunteered as an orderly at the short-staffed Mentor General Hospital in the capitol. She found that she really loved helping the patients at the hospital and focused her time off during the cold summers on Mentor, and other school breaks, to obtain a Field Medic certification.

Immediately after graduation from UM, Noriko attended flight school on Persei (Rhetor II) from 2946 to 2948 to obtain her multi-engine space, hydrogen, and quantum (MESH+Q) pilot license. She was now well prepared to follow her passions of exploration and helping those in need. She bought a used Aurora MR and set off to the Stanton system on the UEE frontier looking for adventure.

Noriko settled in New Babbage and split her time working as a nurse at the Brentworth Care Center and various odd jobs (package delivery, search and rescue, and some light mining) around MicroTech and Port Tressler for a couple of years. She then met the head of the Talons, Rushell Visanti, by chance at a rave at The Cove in the promenade of New Babbage. Rushell set Noriko up with interviews with herself and Alfred Kress, as the Talons had openings for medics and search & rescue staff. Noriko soon became a Talon in the Talon’s Outer Haven organization and has been working with them since 2950. She adopted the callsign Wicked-Weasel because her father hated her pet weasel as a child, calling them wicked creatures. Noriko was promoted to the rank of Drake in the Talons in 2952 for her outstanding contributions to the organization.

Noriko’s Great Grandmother:
Erin Toi (2746–2873) was a politician and author elected as a Senator for Earth (Sol III) and the first Imperator of the United Empire of Earth (UEE) to serve after the end of the Messer Era (2546 – 2792). During her time in office, she oversaw the creation and implementation of the Fair Chance Act, the war crimes tribunals of former Messer agents, the Perry Line Pact, the restoration of the Tribunal system, and other major revisions to Human government. She left office in 2801.