Identity: Rushell Visanti

Spectrum ID: The_Red_Huntress

UEE Dossier: The Red Huntress

D.O.B.: 03/18/2922

P.O.B.: Earth, the old state of Maine of the North American Continent

Gender: Female

Role in the Talon’s Outer Haven: Founder, Leader, and Crest of the Talons. A.K.A. The Great Wyrm

Information of Interest: Rushell Visanti seems to have either amassed or come upon a great amount of wealth. The Red Huntress boasts quite a fleet, mostly kept in mothballs and dry docks, as she slowly grows her small band of “Talons” over time. she’s also known to transmit over the spectrum her lone voice in the ‘verse, keeping whoever is listening regaled with topics of daring, the importance of resistance and dissent as well as rumors whispered through the jump points. She is somewhat of a nomad, as a child who left earth, moved to Terra and kept moving further and further from the reaches of UEE space, eventually and, at least, currently, settling on the world of Indra 1A, deep in Xi’an space… on the edge of the frontier.  she currently scouts for more potentials for her somewhat obscure and enigmatic organization of philanthropists, wanderers, explorers, profiteers, and privateers.