//incoming transmission….
//uploading…Dossier Taru Heru Asar
<transmission received>

Identity: Taru Heru Asar

Callsign: Anubis-Prime

Known Nickname: Medjay, Anubis-Prime(AP), Frosty

Spectrum ID: KHI ASSR

UEE Dossier: Khi Assr

D.O.B.: 2-1-2910

Age: 38

Place of Birth: Nuva Kushari isles, Goss 1

Affiliation: Talon’s Outer Haven

Previous Affiliation: Advocacy Special Agent SCU Division, Advocacy Black Badge Division, S.A. Research Consortium

Gender: Male

Known Disciplines: Research, Investigations, Intelligence, Robotics, Archaeology, Mechanics, Electronic, Sculpting, Cybernetics, and Explosive Ordnance Engineering

Physical Traits
Height: 6’-1”/185 cm, Weight: 190 lbs/86 kg,Body type: Athletic build

Hair: Shoulder length locks/light and dark brown tones,
Facial Hair: short beard

Eyes: Hazel with gold reflective hues

Skin: honey-mocha toned Brown skin

Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous

Noticeable marking: light scar above left eye and left upper cheek, light scar on chin right side (visible when clean shaven, or with short cropped beard)
tattoos covering both arms from wrist to upper shoulder and outer edge of pectoral muscles. Markings appear a combination of an ancient African and exotic design pattern

Role in the Talon’s Outer Haven: R&D, Explosive Expert, Data Specialist, Surveillance

Information of Interest:

Information of Interest: Taru Heru Asar service background files are heavily redacted, notably his last 4 years of service working within the Black Badge Division of the advocacy, requires the highest level of security authorization to access. Taru’s Earliest records note his early testing abilities, at age 17, showed high aptitudes in multiple disciplines and was recruited, surprisingly, to the Advocacy instead of the Navy. Highly skilled in electronic, machinery, robotics, and design, he quickly excelled. He soon was reassigned to Research and Development. Personal notes indicate he was given the nickname of “Medjay” for his uncanny ability to make devices, gadgets, and tools used in many operations within the bureau and the field. He was also nicknamed “Frosty” for his cool, calm, exterior when dealing with volatile and explosive ordinances. His records shows Several excerpts for “Extreme High Honor” and “Distinguished Service” accommodations. Although most of the data is redacted, reading between the lines, an extremely promising agent,a conflict with a superior, questionable orders, and/or politics, eludes to Taru leaving the bureau after 17 years of service. His personal files indicate he took on a small contract with S.A. Research Consortium which leads to his exploration of the outer edge of UEE space in the Xi’an sector. Soon after, signing on to Talon’s Outer Haven.

//End transmission