Identity: Xenlist Dezian

Callsign: Drake






Spectrum ID: Xenlist

UEE Dossier: Xenlist

D.O.B.: 6.29.2918 (Age 30)

P.O.B.: Mars

Gender: Male

Role in the Talon’s Outer Haven: Combat, Exploration, Engineering, Mining

Information of Interest: Xenlist Dezlan lived a normal military growing up. His parents were officers in the UEE and were well liked but, nothing special. He became obsessed with spaceships at a young age and had an affinity for rocks and loved outer space. He enlisted as soon as he was out of school and quickly became a pilot in the martian defense squads. While enlisted, he obtained further studies in the field of astrophysics, engineering, and geology. On his off-duty hours, he spends his free time watching old holovids of air and space combat, as well as studies martial arts to keep himself in top physical fitness. His skill with a rifle is about average. After an incident left his wingman dead, the UEE covered the whole thing up, rather than investigating into the mysterious circumstances to the destruction of his wingman’s Mustang, Drake decided to call it quits when his term was up. With a decent amount of money in his savings, he bought himself a Drake Cutlass and took to the stars in search of honest work in whatever shape or form he could find. Shortly after, his mother and father, due to old age and poor health, passed on, leaving him with their prized Constellation Andromeda. After hearing about Talon’s Outer Haven from rumors at a bar, he decided to look up this ‘Huntress’ and join her ranks.